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Tutorials & Inspiration
Patriotic Inspiration: Boy Style

We couldn't do a week of Patriotic inspiration and NOT include BOYS!!!!!  Denita and Carrie have some adorable boy looks to share with you today.....

Pattern Reviews
Swoodson Says Little Photographer Camera

If your kids are anything like mine, they copy everything you do! This includes taking pictures! My two year old is always trying to take my camera, and tells everyone "cheese". Swoodson Says has a nice solution! Check out what Cassie and Serena had to say!

Sew Along
Woven's To Knit: Patriotic Style

Welcome back to our Wovens 2 Knits series! I decided to join this week’s patriotic theme and sew up some Independence Day cuteness for my kiddos.

Featured Designer
AD Challenge: Cote d'Azur Sun Hat from ShannonMac Designs

Hi everyone! I've been away from pattern making for several months, but I'm back with a brand new pattern. I've been spreading my wings, so to speak, and I've stepped outside my normal quilted box to release my very first wearable design!

It's almost summer here on our side of the globe, and I'm a pale, pasty chick. I avoid the sun like a vampire. It doesn't take long for me to turn lobster red, and I've had more than my fair share of sunburns in my life, especially on my face, shoulders, and the back of my neck. To avoid raising my risk of skin cancer even more, I decided I needed a big hat. And why not? They're very fashionable these days, and much easier to put on than sunblock (which I'll still wear!) Most of the wide-brimmed hats I see are some kind of woven style, but I wanted a fabric one, so it's washable and keeps out ALL the sun's rays. And this is it! Introducing the Cote d'Azur Sun Hat from ShannonMac Designs!